Hi! My name’s Alysha Royce and I’m the proud owner of my site – FireMoon Factory.

My goal with this site is to bring you the hottest trending items this year has to offer for young adults.

I’m a 22 year old college student working towards getting my Bachelor of Arts degree and becoming a teacher. Ideally I’d like to teach art, english and computers to high school students. I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm and enjoy learning and get a lot of satisfaction out of teaching other people.

I enjoy shopping and keep up on the latest trends – especially when it comes to our planet. I’m vegetarian and although I love burgers and chicken strips, they have to be plant based! I am so glad the plant based meat industry has seen some big gains over the last few years and I’m all for it. It’s great that more people are seeing they don’t need to eat meat and support factory farms for their everyday diet.

Alysha, FireMoon Factory

I’m also against single use plastic bottles, and love to support products where companies use aluminum cans or other recyclable materials instead.

CBD oils are another thing that I’m super glad has gone mainstream as I believe there are a ton of health benefits to be gained from marijuana plants. There are so many great and innovative startup companies that have popped up over the last few years and hopefully you’ll be able to find some of their products on my site. Did you know there are even CBD drinks now?

I’m pretty busy with school and studying, but I also love entertaining whenever I get the chance. Game night, beer pong, spa night with the girls, you name it, I’m all for it.

I’m currently a server at our local brew pub in Janesville, WI, and enjoy chatting with all the customers. I’m a real people person and there are so many interesting people I meet on a daily basis. My favorite customers are the ones that bring their dogs! I love seeing all the chill dogs that tag along with their owners and hang out for a beer.

I have a Golden Labradoodle myself, who’s name is Paul because I adore human names for dogs. I named him in memory of Paul Walker, my fav celebrity crush. Sometimes Paul even gets to come hang out at work with me if it’s a slow night. He’s pretty much the best dog ever and prefers an IPA with a fire roasted pizza. 😉

Thanks for stopping by my little place on the web, I hope you find something funky and fresh for yourself, or a trendy gift for your friends and family!

Much love, Alysha