Abstract Sun Art Print Boho Etsy

Abstract Sun Art Print Etsy retro boho 70s

Add a citrusy pop of color to any room in your house with this Abstract Sun Art Print. From the Etsy shop, AMprintsStore, it definitely has a cool boho retro 70s feel. Available in five sizes, this print is great to mix and match with other prints in their shop that have a similar summery color theme. Great for a nursery, meditation room, or a sunny kitchen.

Love this Abstract Sun Art Print? Then discover more unique and original art from indie artists and small shops in the Wall Art Decor section of our blog.

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How to Design the Ultimate Nerf Battlefield for the Best Birthday Party

For a fun, active birthday party for kids of all ages, you need look no further than a staged nerf gun battle.

Read below for the best way to set up the ultimate nerf war course for a memorable birthday party.

Make sure to plan a layout with specific “zones”

First things first, determine where you can set up your “Arena”. You might plan to utilize an entire backyard or just the kitchen and/or living room, or perhaps allow the course to sprawl across both the indoors and outdoors. 

In addition to an Arena, you’ll also want a “Base Camp” or “Safety Zone” where those who are taking a break or not participating in the fight to stay out of the line of fire. You might even have a “Staging Zone” for picking out weapons and “armor” before entering the arena.

Make sure that boundaries are clearly marked with balloons, colored tape, or streamers. If you are designating teams, choosing one color for each team as well as a color to designate as neutral.

For the layout, aim to provide points over cover with gaps in between

The key to setting up a great course is to find a balance between cover and open space. You want the layout to require players to dash between covers to provide opportunities for the other team to take aim as they advance.

Sofa cushions, indoor or outdoor furniture covered with tarps or blankets, and folding tables make for great cover for yards, bedrooms and hallways alike. Just make sure that anything breakable has been moved to an “out of play” area elsewhere in the house. 

Consider setting up the staging sone with a “choose your weapon” table

Guests can be encouraged to bring their own weapon or you might have a table set up specifically for reloading or swapping out nerf guns. (Pro tip: lots of spare universal bullets always come in handy!) 

If you are handing out small nerf guns as party favors or as prizes for winning rounds, you might designate an adult to man this station and assist the little ones. Creating a “weapons dealer” character and costume can also add to the fun.

If you’re planning on providing some cool new nerf guns as birthday presents, designating the battle to begin after opening presents makes for perfect timing.

Make sure that the rules of engagement and mission objectives clear

To ensure that fun is had by all, a poster above the Weapons Station can outline the rules of fair play in a fun, effective manner. You might add suggestions for safety such as no aiming for the head or face, respecting players who have “surrendered”, and any off limits zones.

If you are planning to stage a game of capture the flag, battle royal, absolute free for all, or a variety of different games, this is a great place to display the schedule as well as an outline for the mission objective and how to “win” the game. 

Remember, it’s all for fun and the best birthday ever!

With proper planning, an elaborate nerf war can make for a memorable and fun-filled birthday party. Having a schedule, designating zones, and clearly outlining the rules are all ways that you can plan to have the best nerf gun birthday party ever.

Happy gifting!

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Stimulus Check Spending: 5 of the Most Popular Items Consumers Are Buying

Amidst the physical and mental hardship of a global pandemic, receiving stimulus checks for financial support has been a ray of hope for many people. In many cases, it has helped to keep many Americans financially afloat during these trying times; in other cases, it provided something that is equally important for the overall economy: a little spending money for wants and wishes.

This is a vital part of an economic system, providing the opportunity for the movement of money from consumers to a variety of businesses small and large and, in effect, stimulating the economy.

It’s also important for the mental health and overall well being of the American people. Life is about more than just paying your bills, it’s about being able to enjoy your life along the way as well. Having a little extra stimulus money to treat themselves, friends, and family offered stress relief for many people, and you can see that from the way that their spending habits were impacted.

Here are a a few items that people are spending their stimulus money on:

1. Gifts

As a general category, many items purchased over the past year have been gifts.

An underlying feeling of this whole year has been a sense of connection and community despite so much physical distance between us all. In response, many people have decided to focus on the gift giving love language (as opposed to quality time or physical touch) to show appreciation and affection for their loved ones.

So, what types of gifts are people giving to their friends and families? The brings us to the remaining items on our list

2. Books, Music, Movies

With a considerable amount of free time on many people’s hands these days, they have been turning to the arts as a means of escapism. Although the term “essential workers” has been thrown around a lot lately, storytelling in the form of movies, music, and books has been essential to plenty of people’s sanity through this difficult time.

Particularly the book industry, which had been notably struggling with the rise of e-books over the past decade, has seen a significant increase since March of 2020. Specifically, print book sales rose 8.2% in 2020. It would appear that now is the perfect time to pick up a book or two and settle in with some tea.

3. Camping and Outdoor Equipment 

Once the summer time rolled around and cabin fever was at a breaking point, lots of people felt the overwhelming call for the great outdoors too alluring to resist, many of them for the first time in their lives. To accommodate these newfound hobbies, things like tents, kayaks, bicycles, and other gear continue to fly off the shelves at sporting goods stores and online retailers. 

4. Home Office Supplies

With the mass exodus of office buildings in lieu of the work from home model, it quickly became apparent that this would not be a short term arrangement for many people. Subsequently, the need for ergonomically designed home office tools and furniture became vital for the health and well being of many workers hunched over a laptop at a card table for the first few weeks of quarantine.

5. Gaming Equipment and VR

Finally, many people invested their extra spending money in the ultimate form of escapism: video games. At the very top of this list was, not surprisingly, virtual reality gaming equipment.

It’s estimated that nearly 60 million people will use virtual reality this year in the US. The trend of virtual reality and augmented reality were already on the rise, but this past year has accelerated the growth.

As it turns out, not being able to physically leave your living room makes surrounding yourself in the virtual world of a video game pretty appealing…


Lots of things have changed since 2020. Spending habits have changed for a variety of reasons and that includes how people are spending their stimulus checks. It’s interesting to see the hobbies that people have discovered or rediscovered. It’s interesting to see what people want and what they give as gifts.

We’ll see how the trends continue to evolve as we head into the coming years at Giftster.

Happy gifting!

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