Is SNL More Cowbell Will Ferrell Shirt tops or is Black Spiderman Shirt? better?

We found 2 neat pieces from 80stee

Todays A vs B comparison is for 2 lovely products from 80stee that feel kind of awesome. Between SNL More Cowbell Will Ferrell Shirt and Black Spiderman Shirt, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a closer peek and see what we can see.

Number 1 today on our list is

SNL More Cowbell Will Ferrell Shirt ðŸ˜

This Photo More Cowbell Shirt features Will Ferrell playing Blue Oyster Cult “member” Gene Frinkel providing it his all on the cowbell while recording Don’t Fear The Reaper. Famous Producer Bruce Dickinson, played by Christopher Walken, needs More Cowbell!
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The second product on the list today is Black Spiderman Shirt 😅
Yes it absolutely was an evil alien life kind that wanted to manage Spiderman, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a cool costume. This Ebony Spiderman top features Spiderman clad within the suit that would sooner or later be their archenemy Venom. Remember to be careful around noisy noises, Brady wore this to a church bell concert and ended up shirtless.
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So I’m calling my choice between these two is.. a close call in favor of Black Spiderman Shirt.